Who I Am

This is my personal page. Here you can find more about me.

Why sonxurxo?
'sonxurxo' stands for 'Son Xurxo', that, in Galician language means 'I am Xurxo'. That is my usual nickname. Know about my professional interests at the Professional Profile section of this mini-site.

How To Reach Me
You can find me at:
What I Do

I'm a Computer Engineer since February 2009.

Since 2009 January I'm working at the Computer Architecture Group (Department of Electronic and Systems - University of A Coruña).

There, among other projects, I've been participating in the development of the application that supports the Galician Lands Bank (Sitegal) and the application that supports the Galician Forest Management Units (SIUXFor).

I'm now also participating in the MeteoSIX project, an ambitious project which will provide Galician Meteorological Agencies with one powerful GIS systems.

I'm interested in everything about GIS and mapping applications, as well as mobile applications. I'm specializing in the JavaEE framework, especially building complex web GIS applications.

I'm also working with OpenLayers, GeoExt, GeoServer, MapServer, etc. and trying, the best I can, to contribute those open source projects, mainly OpenLayers. Take a look to my sandbox.

I coded a lot for Google Android, mainly GIS-related applications. One example is my thesis, Android Runner, a GPS based multiplayer game for Android devices, winner of the 2nd award at XIX Edition of Technological Thesis Contest of Expourense; Android Roulette, Super Calculator (Figures and Letters TV contest version...) search them in Android Market.

If you want to know more about me you can freely download and redistribute my Curriculum Vitae.